Pillsbury - Policyholder Pulse blog To embed, copy and paste the code into your website or blog: In a previous post , we addressed blanket additional insured endorsements and the role they play in passing insurance obligations downstream. In short, the purpose of a “blanket” endorsement is to grant additional insured status to any company as required in a written contract with the named insured. This obligation often begins in the prime contract where the owner requires additional insured status on the general contractor’s insurance. However, the general contractor typically attempts to pass this obligation downstream to its subcontractor by including a requirement in the subcontract that both the general contractor and owner are named as additional insureds. But what happens if there is no written agreement between the named insured and the company seeking additional insured status, or if there are multiple required additional insured entities and only some have contractual privity with the subcontractor? Nationwide, courts are split as to whether direct contractual privity is required to satisfy certain additional insured endorsements. For example, cases decided under Connecticut , Maine  and Texas law have held that contractual privity is not required. Courts in New York , Illinois and Louisiana , however, have held that privity is required. Even within jurisdictions, there is not always uniformity on this issue. In New York, for example, a trial court held in All State Interior Demolition Inc. v. Scottsdale Insurance Co. that contractual privity was not required for additional insured status. A previous post discussed that decision in detail but, in sum, the court granted additional insured status to entities that did not contract with the named insured but were referenced in the named insured’s subcontract. In that case, the subcontractor was required to name the contractor, the Owner and “their respective partners, directors, offices, employees, agents and representatives.” The court read that language in the subcontract broadly and required the insurer to defend the contractor, owner, ground lessor and construction manager under the terms of the additional insured endorsement. However, the New York Court of Appeals found in Gilbane Building Co./TDX Construction Corp. v. prev St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co. that a construction manager was not covered as an additional insured because that entity did not have a direct contractual relationship with the general contractor. In that case, the policy’s “Who is an Insured” section included “any person or organization with whom you have agreed to add as an additional insured by written contract.” The court held that the phrase “with whom” meant that a party qualified as an additional insured only if it had a contract directly with the named insured.


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that unvaccinated travelers quarantine for seven days upon their return. “The ideal is to get tested three to five days upon return and kind of lie low for seven days and don’t return to a work environment,” Locke said in a Sunday interview. Those who have had one dose of the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are considered to be 80-percent protected from COVID-19, Locke said. “One dose is much better than no doses,” Locke said. “At a minimum, what’s really important for people who are vaccinated is watch for symptoms. At the first sign of symptoms, get tested.” Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, and loss of taste or smell, according to the CDC (www.cdc.gov). Clallam County added four new cases of COVID-19 Sunday for a total of 1,127 since March 2020, county Health Officer Dr. Allison Berry said in a text message. Jefferson County added three cases Sunday for a total of 361, Locke said. Ron Cameron, Clallam County’s undersheriff and emergency management director, said more than 800 county residents received a Moderna vaccine at the Saturday clinic at Port Angeles High School. Moderna shots will be provided at the same free clinic this Saturday. Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be administered there Sunday, Cameron said. Berry hammered home the importance of vaccinations in her weekly COVID-19 briefing Friday, saying the current case curve matches the rise in cases after Thanksgiving. such a good point Last week, Clallam County had outbreaks in restaurants, bars, a dental clinic and the Peninsula College women’s basketball team. Clallam County heath officials have documented the B117 variant that emerged in the United Kingdom last December. “The vaccines still work really well against these variants, but unfortunately most of these cases are in unvaccinated people,” Berry said in her briefing. “If you are not vaccinated yet, it is time to get vaccinated.” In addition to the Port Angeles clinics, the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe will administer one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines in Sequim on April 20 and April 22. “The key thing is to get vaccinated as soon as you can,” Berry said. “It makes a huge difference in controlling the direction of the pandemic.” Jefferson County now has the capacity to administer about three times the amount of vaccine it receives from the state, Locke said.